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40 Airport Rd., Hartford, CT 06114

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Are you looking for truck body, equipment or trailer service or repairs in the Hartford, Connecticut (CT) area? EQUIPMENT SERVICE is a specialty truck body, equipment and trailer repair company that provides a multitude of products & services to the Trucking Industry. Whether you're a large fleet or an owner operator, you can be confident that our team of professionals has experience and knowledge to do the job right!

Our experience is the difference.

  • Trailer repairs
  • Federal inspections
  • Liftgate repairs & installations
  • Truck body and plow installations
  • Crane & hoist repairs and testings
  • Hydraulic equipment repairs
  • Wet-line repairs and installations
  • Lift-axle repairs and installations...

These are just some of the many products and services EQUIPMENT SERVICE has to offer!!!

PG Adams, Inc

PG Adams, Inc.

  • Truck Frame Installation/Replacement
  • Custom Forming & Truck Frames
  • Crossmembers & Complete Truck Frame Assemblies
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We are conveniently located off i-91, Exit 27 in Hartford, CT.

40 Airport Rd., Hartford, CT 06114


  • Vehicles:
    • Cars, Vans, Trucks, RV's, Fleets, Trailers.
  • Equipment:
    • Generators, Liftgates, Lift Axles, Hydraulics, Snow Plows, Aerial Equipment.

Our Products:

  • Body:
    • Tenco & Beauroc
  • Plow:
    • Henke & Curtis
  • Hydraulics:
    • Cirus & Force America